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Manufacturing of custom made plastic tanks

All our tanks are made of high density polyethylene HDPE and are used to store water or fuel. Contrary to oxidizable metal tanks, our tanks guarantee longevity without generating condensation inside. Each tank is studied to best meet your expectations.



Polyethylene prevents condensation and bacterial growth in fuel tanks. This material is completely food safe for water tanks, highly resistant to impact and fire.

Réservoir en plastique sur mesure


Polyethylene can be used to create complex shapes to optimise volume.

Réservoir en plastique sur-mesure économique


Inboard engine injectors require less maintenance and use less fuel because polyethylene does not create deposits or rust.

Réservoir en plastique sur-mesure durable


The HDPE we use is food grade, fully recyclable and has a longer life span than stainless steel or aluminium.

Tested & Approved !


All our tanks are tested to ensure that they are watertight

Tested & Approved !

All our tanks are tested to ensure that they are watertight

Réservoir en plastique sur-mesure
Réservoir en pastique sur-mesure

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